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Amelia and Other Slayers Cg's
Please note: these CG's were done by me which I simply used a direct link to my old old OLD page that I had them on.
Welcome to my newest installed portion of this site... amelia's lil gallery of justice ^_- please excuse the lack of stuff: things are a mess around here. To the right of each image is a symbol: CG, SC and SN. These tell what type of image each is: CG is computar graphic, SC is a screen cap and SN is a scan (probably from an artbook or something). I have plenty more on my hard drive to upload, so if you have any requests, just e-mail me.
1 strange scan that was touched up CG
2 close up of amelia's face from slayers try SC
3 another close up of her face from the same episode SC
4 shot of amelia either crying.. or wet (?!) SC
5 amelia flying from the 4th episode of slayer next SC
6 amelia and her famous VICTORY SC
7 common screencap of amelia and lina dressed in fukus from slayers next SC
8 a japanese CG done by a good friend of mine CG
9 another amelia Cg by the same friend: only edited by someone else SG
10 group shot of amelia and the entire cast of slayers EVER SN
11 princess amelia and zel from slayers try SC