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amelia's seiyuu

Ever wonder brings to life your favorite character(s) in any cartoon or anime? Ever wonder who they are and what they do? Well look no further for your one stop place to find out about Amelia and who brings her to life in the most famous versions of her role!


To your right you see famous seiyuu, Masami Suzuki. She does Amelia's voice in the Japanese original versions of Slayers, Slayers NEXT and Slayers Try. She has also done Amelia's voice in both the Slayers ROYAL games. Masami first made her debut as Chacha in Akazukin Chacha. She went on to play in Rurouni Kenshin, Slayers, Lost Universe and many more. She was born on July 14th 1972 in Kanagawa. Her blood type is 0 and she works for Free Atom.

joani baker

I honestly don't know anything about her except that she played Amelia in Software Sculpture's dubbed releases of episodes 11-13 of the original Slayers series. After episode 13 they changed the voice to someone else (who I still have to add to this list once I get more information). But I must say her voice interpertation of Amelia wasn't all that good. She has talent enough to do the annoying type character, but it wasn't mellow and young enough to fit Amelia.

"natsume yama"

Sorry I couldn't find a picture of her due to..well... "strange" circumstances, but she played Amelia in Setting Sun's dubbed productions of Slayers, Slayers NEXT and Slayers TRY before Software Sculpture's bought the legal rights to distribute it in the US. She is most famous for her roles in WeddingPeach, Rurouni Kenshin and The Violinst of Hameln. She was born in August, 1983 and has been dubbing with a new company since Setting Sun has been put out of business.

Know anyone else who has played Amelia in ANY version of Slayers? Then send her name (and picture if possible), any other roles she has done, and the company she dubbed with. Type in "Amelia Seiyuu" as the subject of the message and mail it to: Thanks!