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Hi everyone and welcome to my extra tiny sound archive. Please note: all sounds are NOT made by me and some are taken from Amelia's Fotress, a pretty nifty site done by the same people who did Filia's Tea House. ^_^ Please excuse the lack of stuff: I only just recently began this site. I have many sounds and radio dramas of my own offline and ready to be uploaded. *Comming soon: "Otome no Inori" and "In the World." mp3's*
amelia's music, movies and lyrics
1 amelia does a little "yatta" thing WAV
2 amelia and zel casting the raw tilt together (in the video I have to upload you can see a little heart form :-) WAV
3 amelia recites a justice speech WAV
4 amelia calls her..umm.. "daddy" WAV
5 a manifestation of... well.. justice WAV
6 lyrics to stand up VOX
7 lyrics to Otome no Inori NEXT